Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Morning all,
I can't say how good it feels to be writing again. This morning though it was kinda hard to get out of bed. I just lay there trying to re-capture my dream. I was having such a nice dream. I would say it was rather misty and but it was just a teaser of a dream. I'll spare you the details but I was mad for waking up. Anyway I got out of bed and made myself the vegetable juice I have made a practice of. That natural juice is so invigorating! Maybe one day I might share some of my juicing recipes.
Yesterday I decided to get a haircut after work. I told the lady to use a #2 attachment on the clippers I didn't realize my hair was going to be cut almost to the root with that damn thing. Normally I tell them to use a #3 and they use scissors at the top but this lady just did the entire head with it. I guess I should have specified better but now I'm sporting a new sexier look. If you ever saw "V for Vendetta" and saw Megan Fox with her stubble, you know what I mean. I rode my bike again today for a few minutes before settling in to write, with my new shiny head. There is nothing more exhilarating than the wind in your face early in the morning. It is almost like nature's kiss. There is a certain freedom in it that is just indescribable that just inspires you to write.
I have been thinking that I am going to continue to use this blog to just let my thoughts go and I am going to start posting my sourcing articles on the HireCentrix site. So if you would like sourcing stuff you might want to check it out. I might rant about some sourcing stuff here but I'm going to send the more formal articles there. Just to let you know.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I recently posted an article at HireCentrix. The article is titled "Are Recruiters better than Sourcers?" Feel free to stop by and check it out. I truly enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoy reading it as well.
Good Morning,
Such a beautiful day today. I went riding my bike this morning. For those that don't know, I have a little Suzuki Boulevard s40. It is small but economical and such a joy to ride. I enjoy the feeling of the breeze in my face specially when it is nice and cool as it was here in Dallas today. I feel more alive when I ride the bike than when I drive my car so needless to say I have been driving it everyday now. My car is gathering dust I think I need to sell it but it does come in handy like when I have to go to the office which is seldom.
Anyway last night I participated on Facebook on an interesting conversation about people who make up things on their resume. In this particular instance it was someone who has industry recognition but even though they don't have the credentials they claim to be a professor at a top school. You can follow the thread here. This sent my mind just reeling and have been thinking about it since. Russell Klosk mentioned "why lie? In a day and age where thanks to HiTech and Gen Y degrees aren't the only entry point to a profession any longer as well as the fact that absolutely everything can be verified with little effort time or money? It's a shame at times that their isn't an actual "black list" as people like this need to be on it". I couldn't agree more. Especially as they freely post the conflicting information on public profiles.
As a Sourcer, my role is to find people for hard to fill roles, in my role I read a lot of resumes and it never ceases to amaze me when I see that a person posted a resume years ago and their updated resume omits quite a few things that their original one once had and on occasion I see the conflicting degree information. You would figure that if they were going to make something up they would keep it consistent on each resume. It just seems worse when they totally make up stuff like saying they teach at a top school since that is easily verifiable. You can go to the school directory where all professors are listed for example. My thought is that the lie keeps getting bigger as they realize it the deception worked once and they start making things up irrationally testing people to see how far they let them go.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guess what!!!

Ppppsssstt! Don't tell anyone. I decided to start writing today. I really don't have much to say but I wanted to start it more like a thought journal. But I'll have to warn you my thoughts are not always that congruent and you might need to read between the lines or just make it up as you go kinda like I do. Anyway, some things have changed in my life. I have been getting my health back on track. Cholesterol and sugar levels are getting me a smile from my Doctor so I guess I have been doing okay. My ticker is ticking better now. Oh yeah! I'm a recovering type 2 diabetic now. Doctor has me losing weight. I have lost quite a bit but I occasionally indulge in little forbidden pleasures but overall I am eating mostly rabbit food. The odd thing is that I like it now. I have been learning to play in the kitchen. The coolest thing is that I make my own salad dressings. I have been getting really crazy with them too. I try all kinds all kinds of fancy vinegar, i.e. champagne vinegar, sweet red wine vinegar, raspberry wine vinegar, they give the dressing such a nice touch. I have to admit that even though I like to cook I haven't always been comfortable in the kitchen. My imagination has always gotten the best of me and I start imagining conversations with the knives and pans and before you know it I'm in the middle of an argument (The knives are jokesters and the pans take life too seriously. Maybe they have to since they are always under fire, hhaha.) If you ever want to hear me ramble for hours on end, just get me started on healthy foods, I think I can talk as much about it as I can about sourcing. I am excited to start writing again. I will start exploring some sourcing stuff like before but I will explore some of the others stuff that is making my life interesting too.