Monday, November 26, 2007

Sourcing Juice from Concentrate

It’s getting ridiculous! I’ve been getting calls and emails asking for sourcer referrals. There are so many firms asking for sourcers, that part is good. The bad part is that most job descriptions look like this one below. I did a search on and just typed sourcing specialist. This is the first one that came up.

Minimum work experience required: 1+ years experience professional/recruitment sourcing experience

History of success in sourcing candidates (both active and passive) with emphasis on IT
• Cold Calling, networking and Boolean search techniques
Special skills required:
• Flexibility, Creativity, and Initiative
• Customer focused
• Communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills
• Process Management - ability to follow process and procedures (detailed & organized)
• Problem solving skills and critical thinking
• Technical expertise and Internet skills
• Ability to excel working independently
• Passive candidate recruiting
• Sourcing plan development and implementation
Description of duties & responsibilities:
• Researches, develops and implements new candidate sourcing and search methods and strategies & tracks effectiveness
• Posts open positions on job boards
• Provides measurable, qualified, diverse candidate pool for client openings
• Ensures accuracy of data and timely information provided to management
• Assists management with special project assignments

This is a long wish list for a one year recruiter/sourcer. They are looking for someone who has had a history of success sourcing both active and passive candidates!!! Come on get real, what kind of success can you have over one year! The candidate also needs to have both cold calling skills and internet research expertise and they need to be able to develop and implement a sourcing strategy if that wasn’t enough they need to track and report accurate and timely data to management. Oh lets not forget special projects!!!
It is obvious to me that most companies do not know what sourcing is all about and even worse don’t know what they want nor what it is they are asking. They didn’t mention pay but I doubt they are willing to compensate.

Could you imagine if we were asked to source for this description but let's just change the title to any other line of work? Let’s say a programmer. It should read something akin to this: I need a programmer who can do code from scratch as well as using compilers. They need to be able to define system architecture and implement the project and have full life cycle experience. Expert level experience on java, as well as team leadership and project management experience . A minimum of a high school education and one year of experience required.

Even in the fantasy world I live in, this is far fetched. Backup not found: (A)bort (R)etry (P)anic.

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