Friday, September 14, 2007

In the words of Jeremy Langhans…

I finally have a few moments to chill and reflect. I was so anticipating the arrival of SourceCon 2007. It came and passed so fast, and in hindsight I must say, I agree with Jeremy Langhans. Jeremy left a comment on my blog earlier stating that all he could say was SourceCon was Amazing, Amazing Amazing, and Amazing. I couldn't have said it better myself Jer.

My expectations were set very high for this event and sincerely, even so, they were greatly exceeded. I felt truly honored to have been entrusted with many friendships. I had been reading Jim Stroud's stuff for a long time and was surprised to find how down to earth and funny he was. He has such a positive and well balance outlook that he was a delight to be around with. Thanks for your friendship Jim. AmyBeth what can I say, she shared my excitement and nervousness and yet she maintained such poise. I was so surprised to see how young yet knowledgeable both Jeremy Langhans and Mike Notaro were. By the way, despite the fact that they having some major braggin' rights they were almost bashful about their accomplishments, they displayed such unassuming and modest nature. Russ Moon was inspirational and encouraging to me.

I was riveted as Shally Steckerl showed his magic. I must say I research into the makings of search engines and look for the commands and query comp0sition tools as if they were hidden treasure and have quite a few in my arsenal yet watching Shally not only did I learn new tools but learned new ways to use some older ones. (When I grow up I want to be like Shally.)

I was spellbound by Krista Bradford, she was truly great to listen to, very insightful and profound. Tracy Friend also captivated my attention and made me a fan of hers. Glen Gutmacher's presentation was lightning fast but mesmerizing (I'd like to borrow his brain for an hour). Dave Copp’s presentation was spellbinding and hypnotic yet funny. (Brilliant!!!)

I wish I could have spent more time probing the great mind of Rob McIntosh to find out more about metrics and such, unfortunately my world was spinning so fast and I was so "star struck" as Suzi Tonini told me that I couldn't sit still long enough to strike a conversation with him.

If I listed everyone that made a lasting impression on me I would turn this into a list of about 150 great people. I did want to name a few others that were new found friends whom I enjoyed meeting: Leah Hughes, Connie LaDoceur, Eric Jacquith, Tim O'Connor, Jessica Walden, Donato Diorio, Rennick Morris, Ray Towle, Dan Harris, Julia Stone, Marvin Smith, Sean-Paul Veilleux, Daphne Mahotiere, Rithesh Nair.

The last comment I would like to say about the event is I am truly grateful to Lesley O'Connor for extending me the invitation to attend. Until I talked to her I was undecided on attending the conference, (truth be told, I was more inclined not to go) had it not been for her kindness I would have missed out on a great deal.


Suzanne said...

Hi Moises,

I think you summed up the SourceCon feel very well- I too was struck by everyone's knowledge, approachability and made new friends as well (including you!).

One of my colleagues also put it very aptly: this was an intimate event, everybody got to meet everyone, and there were no booths with vendors coming up trying to sell you something, or people sticking to their cliques.

I will look fondly back on SourceCon1 as it will surely change somewhat and I'll be proud to be one of the ones who can say: "Remember SourceCon1 and how cool it was?"

Anonymous said...

nice job in summing it up Moises! it was great making history with you =)

looking forward to sc2!!


VirtualSourcer said...

Hey Moises,

You are sOOOooo right . . . SourceCon 2007 was simply ne plus ultra. Nuff said.



Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed my session, and like you, I always learn something from the others. Greatly enjoyed meeting you finally, and I'm sure it won't be the last encounter.

-- Glenn Gutmacher

Anonymous said...
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