Saturday, September 8, 2007

I just met Tim O'Connor

...and honestly, he's a really cool guy!

My head is spinning as I think about all the people I look forward to meeting in Atlanta next week. I'm driving down MacArthur Road, here in Irving, and it's all I can do to keep my eyes on the road as I think about SourceCon 2007. My brain knows this is just my nature but my mind doesn't care, I'm looking forward to meeting several people, Leslie O'Connor, Russ Moon, Jeremy Langham, Shally Steckerl, Rob McIntosh, Rithesh Nair among others. I don't know what impression I'll make but I am just thrilled at the opportunity to meet them. I'll tell you something about my meeting with Tim but let me just say this: I have one thought running in my head!!

It is a repeating thought: "I can't wait to be there!!!" The fact that this thought plays on an endless loop inside my head shows that I spend too much time alone. There is a growing list of some pretty amazing people in sourcing which brings me to my initial reason for writting this post today. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Tim O'Connor Strategic Sourcing Lead for Cap Gemini NA. The most refreshing part of meeting Tim is his gracious humility. We had a frank discussion on sourcing in general but it wasn't about the panel content, for sure. It was about sourcing, sharing our beliefs on the state and the direction of the industry. It was a blast to say the least to meet someone who shares my vision and passion for sourcing. As I drove away from my meeting with Tim I couldn't help but wonder how many other amazing people will I meet in Atlanta next week.

I'm sitting here pecking at my keyboard now, the light is on, the internet is working, and my desire to drop everything and get in the car and drive to Atlanta has lessened and I feel so much better. It's not the act of waiting for SourceCon 2007 that kills me, it's the anticipation of meeting all those wonderful people.


Amybeth said...

What a nice surprise! It's always cool when you can get a bonus meeting with someone you admire :) I had that opportunity back in May when I flew through Atlanta and got to meet Jim! I am looking forward to meeting you next week! See you in a couple of days!

Rithesh said...
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JeremyLanghans said...

looking forward to meeting you as well :)

ps. it's Langhans ...hehe


VirtualSourcer said...


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