Sunday, September 16, 2007

10 ways to irritate a Sourcer

As I reflected on the discussions I participated on over the course of the week. I contemplated on some of the top things that irritate me as a Sourcer and thought to pen them down. These thoughts were prompted by listening to AmyBeth Hale talking about the way recruiters should not communicate with the Sourcer s. Anyway as I talked to several people throughout the week, I felt the theme resonated with many of us.

Here is my list of the top ten ways to irritate a Sourcer.

10. As AmyBeth so eloquently said it at SourceCon, give the Sourcer the job requisition in a "posted note".

9. Describe the position requirements with the least amount of words possible.

8. Do not give the Sourcer the pay requirements and relocation needs.

7. Give him unrealistic deadlines; after all you need this candidate like yesterday.

6. When he does meet those unrealistic deadlines, find fault in each candidate.

5. Wait three weeks to call the candidates you received from the Sourcer just to show him/her who is boss.

4. Do not respond to phone calls, emails, or request for status update; after all he/she will find out anyway.

3. When the Sourcer follows up with you; always give him/her excuses for not having contacted the candidates.

2. after the three weeks when you call the candidate and he is no longer interested in the position, blame the Sourcer for his/her incompetence in only giving you uninterested candidates.

1. Tell everyone that will hear how the candidates your Sourcer gives you are either bad or uninterested, then turn around and give him or her the next job to work on.

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