Saturday, August 4, 2007

SourceCon2007 = Tsunami of Energy

Over the last few years sourcing has been taking a more prominent place in the industry as we all come to realize its importance. As each organization’s needs are different we all encounter different problems and develop new solutions. It is through those struggles that we have learnt and grown to see sourcing become a specialized niche in recruitment. As they say; necessity is the mother of invention. I know, I know, we’ve all heard it so much it is now cliché. But what happens when you get a large group of innovative and inventive thinkers together, Synergy, I mean, SourceCon.

The first ever global sourcing conference is still weeks away yet the synergistic tsunami of energy of all those creative minds coming together is becoming palpable. For those of you who see me daily, you know I can’t stop talking about this conference. But, just look at the impressive list of luminaries line up to speak Jimm Stroud, Shally Steckerl, Rob McIntosh, Krista Bradford, AmyBeth Hale, Glen Gutmacher, Tim O’Connor, Dave Mendoza and others. It is as Tim O’Connor said “It’s the who’s who of sourcing. Most of the speakers have been re-shaping the recruitment world already and it is exciting to be part of such an event. I sincerely can’t wait to be there.

I see SourceConas platform that is bringing the most passionate minds in sourcing together to discuss, learn, share and celebrate in all things sourcing. It is designed for sharing those lessons learned along the way on our quest for talent acquisition. Opportunities like these empower us frontline sourcers and recruiters to analyze complex sourcing scenarios and measure them against the experience of others to optimize ourselves into higher performance. What I mean is this; I am going to this conference because I will be able to get a glimpse of the industry’s best, to learn from them, and grow. I look forward to meeting every single sourcer because together we are making history, we are shaping the direction and future of sourcing.

If you haven’t registered yet, time is running out. To register just click here and click on the register now link. If you use Promotional code ml0830 you’ll get a 10 percent discount as having been referred by me. I hope to see every one of you there. If you see me, Be sure to stop by and say hello as I do want to meet you.