Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Winds of change?

There is an interesting article titled “The Dirty Dozen Dangerous Online Job Search Assumptions”. It is riddled with comments about the job boards’ inability to ensure that the companies that advertise thru them are real or that the job positions for that matter are real.

The article went on to recommend the use of an identity suppressed or cyber-safe resumes. As I was reflecting on the issues involved I realized that this is a growing problem that may start affecting Internet researchers/sourcers if it hasn’t already. People are becoming more and more jittery about disclosing private information online and we can see a growing number of confidential resumes on the job boards.

To make things worse there are an increasing number of companies that are wising up to sourcing strategies such as "flipping" and "x-raying" etc. and are beginning to protect their employee information on the net and/or are monitoring employees blogs, adding to this the tightening market and it is not very hard to imagine the need for change. In this climate sourcing innovation is inevitable.

The first and critical change I can foresee is our approach to sourcing. I can see a change from the sourcers/researcher mindset to the mindset of master networker. We already see the social network scene expanding and contracting, the better we adapt to the networking tide the better we’ll be.

Networking is not about exchanging business cards but about developing lasting connections with people to take your career to the next level, it is simple and powerful. Networking cannot be just an after business hours activity nor is it an option that we chose not to exercise. It is a strategic harnessing or professional connections which we need to integrate into such a vital part of sourcing that it becomes second nature and forms part of everything we do. The key to our sourcing success lays in our ability to build a strong and lasting network.

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