Sunday, June 17, 2007

What tools do we need?

Anyone can get on the internet, choose a few keywords, click on a few of the results and stumble across some interesting resumes. But finding candidates on the internet is not nor should it be a matter of luck. Even though you can’t always find the ace candidate easily, you can certainly find him if you have an intuitive approach. In order for your search to yield the performance you seek you have to find relevant candidates in an efficient and timely manner. Once you learn hoe to effectively search, finding candidate on the net so much faster.

The easiest way to shorten search time and ensure success is to choose the right tool for the job. I read recently that there are over 400,000 search engines. That is such a large number, I truly can’t imagine that many, we don’t have to know them all, but in order to be effective as a sourcer/researcher we have to at least know the different types of Search Services available. I classify them as follows Search Engines, Meta-Search Engines, and Subject Directories. I don’t want to define nor create a listing of them. There are many such lists available in the internet. What I do want to do is emphasize the need to know what is available and how to use it.

You get much different results for a search engine to a directory. We just need to know what we want and let that help us define the search tools. Whether we are searching for association/conferences, company profiles or industry specific information, or plain resumes, knowing what search tools are available will help us find what we need efficiently.


Amybeth said...

Hi Moises, ironically I was just asked this week to create a reference guide to all of the resources I use for research! I agree that it's important to at least know the difference. As with most situations, you will use 20% of your resources 80% of the time, but having knowledge of that additional 80% is great for back-up as well as for helping others get started.

SourcingCorner said...

I couldn't agree more. the better we know our options the better we will perform.