Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Follow that link…

The Internet can be a recruiter’s dream come true. By browsing the Internet, much as you would browse the shelves of a library, you can easily access millions of resumes readily available for free. But possibly the biggest obstacle facing recruiters and sourcers on the Internet is how to effectively and efficiently access the vast amount of information available with the simple click of the mouse. With the Internet's potential as a sourcing tool, sourcers/recruiters need to learn and manage strategies for sorting through the abundance of information.

Sourcers regularly fall into the trap of clicking on any link that contains their keywords. It is easy to get sidetracked on fun or interesting links, either that or they get caught trying click on other “related” sites whenever a server connection times out. Sometimes in the mad rush of wanting to get something onto their screen they will click away from slow link connections even if the new page being viewed is not what they need.

Other ways of getting sidetracked include following interesting articles or video, music, or image files. As sourcers we have to keep our focus and remind ourselves constantly the purpose for our search. Ask yourself, “will I be closer to finding the candidate that I need by following this link?” There are many reasonable and logical reasons to follow links. As sourcers we are very much like detectives and have to follow every lead. But every time we stop to read interesting posts or listen to cool songs or view cool graphics it adds to the time we’ll be spending on our search. The search for resumes can be both overwhelming and frustrating enough without having to deal with wondering eyes.

As a Sourcer an important skill to acquire is to determine which and when to follow links. Link’s can offer the “dangling carrot” of the perfect candidate. So when should you follow the link? At the risk of sounding too obvious when it will take you to something useful.

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