Monday, June 25, 2007

A blast of synergy...

As bloggers we have some awesome opportunities. We have the opportunity to contribute and to build relationships and community. We voice our thoughts and we make people think, talk, debate, discuss and hopefully learn. And as a result we get to meet some interesting and at times downright special people.

This Friday I had one of those awesome instances; an opportunity to meet with someone extraordinary with whom I shared an explosion of thoughts. I had a very stimulating networking lunch with Alise Cortez PhD, who is a founding partner of Improved Experience. She is also a blogger who just happens to be here in the Dallas area and I couldn’t pass up a chance to meet with a fellow blogger so close.

Today, I’m feeling very reflective about the whole experience and thankful to have met Alise. She introduced me to a different niche of recruitment analytics which ties in amazingly well to sourcing.

If you have been reading my blog, you have heard of my musings on the need for more sourcing infrastructure. My belief is that the framework for the recruitment sourcing lifecycle has three majors clusters: First; identify & select needs, (which includes defining sourcing goals), second; planning (deriving both long & short term strategic plans); and third; implementation and continuous improvement (deriving both tactical & operational plans, determining effectiveness and efficiency, etc.)...

At Improved Experience they have developed a system to evaluate your recruitment processes. They pinpoint the areas that are crucial to unleashing your sourcing potential and turn them into benchmarks. Their system takes the guesswork out and presents you the internal mechanisms while addressing key performance areas for the purposes of process improvement. As Alise said in her blog “sourcing and recruiting intelligence have the same objective: to empower a company with actionable data that drives its lifeblood initiative of finding and keeping great talent”.

We met thru a stroke of cyber luck; we shared a brainstorm with an eye to sourcing and recruitment intelligence and discovered a friend with a shared interest. As I drove away from PEI WEI to my office I felt like the dizzy kid that’s just missed his last swing at the PiƱata and, removing the blindfold, finds himself dizzy and facing a completely different direction then he’d expected. So if you have even the slightest bit of a geek inclination, you may want to take a look at improved Experience. And if like myself, you are looking to improve your sourcing strategies you might find they’re priceless.

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