Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thanks for your feedback, Rithesh.

Rithesh Nair made a very good point in his comment my journal entry titled Crafting the candidate experience which I thought I needed to add to. He said”…but I am smart buyer. It doesn't bother me that the "pick me" ones are staring at me; I go for the one I want does a good candidate. Long term strategy should market the hardcore ones ..easy "pick me" are easy to get.. oh here comes another one... ...:)

I agree wholeheartedly with Rithesh and didn’t mean to say that we should go after the low hanging fruit. The point I was trying to emphasize was that we need to strategize our approach to make ourselves the most desirable product so that when the right candidates comes along, we will be chosen because we made it easy for him to make that decision because as Rithesh said a good candidate is a smart buyer too. Thanks Rithesh.

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Anonymous said...

Ritesh makes sense, but in a market of top talent- if you have some low hanging fruit you better milk it or another recruiter will, not only that but if you get the low hanging fruit to work with you, you build an awesome referral base of jobs and future candidates.