Friday, May 11, 2007

Shy Networking? The way of the future

I think the recruiting animal is on to something here. I was reading his post titled Networking For Shy People. My imagination took me away to figure out what that would be like; I mean, "networking for shy people".

This is what I imagined, I pictured a room full of people, a shy person walks in and you can see him feeling uneasy but still pushing himself to enter. As he walks through the crowed avoiding eye contact, he can feel the anxiety level rising. He thinks about introducing himself to someone and the sweat drops start forming on is eyebrows. He spots a likely candidate to introduce himself, someone who appears welcoming, friendly and open. Each step closer to the target the hands tremble a bit more and the heartbeat gets faster. By the time he reaches his target he is almost at a panic attack. But as luck would have it, he spots a name tag on the prospect and all the fear fades away?

Animal, I don’t think your idea works too well!! As Aerosmith would say, Dream on! I think that the real networking for shy people is all about myspace.

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Recruiting Animal said...

Moises, the shy person would be the one wearing the name tag which would lead people to approach him. He could be shy and passive while the name tag did the work.