Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Second Barrier to Sourcing Success

Continuing my thought from yesterday, the second barrier to sourcing success is sourcing without preparing a formal script. Many sourcers/recruiters think they can just improvise or ad-lib their calls, that they can just let the natural flow of the conversation go because they know what they want to say. It is my belief that you should never stop using scripts but if you rely on your wits and charm and there are still those moments when you think “that didn’t quite go the way I planned”, then you really should consider a script. If you don’t use them, let me tell you, used appropriately they can take your sourcing/recruiting efforts to the next level.

A recruiting script is a documented, methodical, learnable, effective system of marketing yourself, your position and your company in the best possible way. It is a written process designed to give you control of the call while creating much better results and to keep you from wasting calls.

A script will help you establish a strong first impression and to create a trustworthy feeling within a few seconds of the call. It also provides the means to a well thought out presentation to simply say what you want to say clearly, accurately and simply. A successful script is an explanation of what you represent, given in your normal style of speaking and in a methodical organized way, so that your prospective candidate understands.

Another thing a good script does is to set you up as an expert espcially if you use phrases like "we specialize in..." or "our reputation is..." "we are known for..." Effective scriptwritting helps build rapport, handles objections and provides confidence. Combined with listening, presentation and closing skills you can achieve exceptional heights. It takes practice and dedication to do it well but scriptwriting can be an enlightening and gratifying experience.

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