Thursday, May 17, 2007

Searching with Synonyms

If you want to use search engines successfully to find candidates you have to know that all search services interpret your queries differently. The better you understand how search engines translate your query into a search the better you will be able to control the results.

Search engines don’t deduce anything from the keywords you enter. For instance; if you enter the keyword heart you will not find results about cardio nor concepts related to love. If you enter TV you will not get television, kids will not return children. Any way you get the picture. All search engines just merely match strings of characters together.

You can capitalize on this by the use of synonyms. For example: advertising OR promotion OR Selling could all return results related to marketing. Another example might be: if you are looking for someone with XML Skills you might try (XSL OR MSXML) and you might be surprised. If you learn to cover a particular idea in different ways thru synonyms you will be closer to the results you want all the while avoiding all the keywords that other recruiters may just be using straight out of the job description

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