Thursday, May 31, 2007

Interesting searching thru exalead

I don't how many of you have heard of a search engine called exalead. It has been around since 2004, but I think it has some cool features and it works so well for resume searches that I thought it was worth mentioning for those of you who may not have heard of it.

Some of the particular things I like about exalead is that it does something unusual with the asterisk (*) not only does it let you use it at the end of a word for truncation purposes like manag* finds manager, managing, management etc. but also in allows you to use the asterisk in the middle of a word using pattern matching as in psych.*ist - finds psychologist, psychiatrist, pyschotherapist.

Also it allows for the use of the bolean operator NEAR, which in their instance finds words within 16 terms of one another as a default or use NEAR/n which finds words within n number of terms one another as in the following example - Oracle NEAR/3 developer

It does approximate spelling with the command "spellslike:", and phonetic searches with the command "soundslike:". It does some other interesting things but then I better let you explore.


Rithesh Nair said...

from some time back-

Shally said...

Thanks for that Ritesh... yes, in December 2006 I wrote about Exalead

But I had given it a good treatment in June of 2005:

and also back in January 2005:{DD99304F-31E4-437B-BAF2-218CAB2A0DED}&ARCHIVEMONTH=1&ARCHIVEYEAR=2005

Which of course brought it to the attention of AIRS who now talks about this as a "search engine to watch."

Yeah, watch it closely. And pretty soon I am releasing a sourcing cheatsheet for Exalead :)

Martin Sheen said...

I heard about the evil Exalead, french company. This company and their ceo are evil, haters and cannot stand American search engines, dissing Google, Yahoo and Msn all the time.

Please do not give them any credit, they are not worth it.

Thank you.