Tuesday, May 8, 2007

If Elvis were alive how would you find him?

I thought I would try something fun today (at least fun for me). I want to see the creativity of our internet research community at large. So, here is my Idea!! I wanted to see if you guys can help me put together some search string/queries or any idea on how to find “Elvis Presley” if he were alive today!! I’ve often thought that as internet researchers/sourcers we can find anything. Here is our chance to prove it!!!

Here are a couple of search strings I thought might work
“Elvis Presley” Graceland Burger –“burger king” –impersonator –look-a-like
(intitle:burger OR inurl:burger) “Elvis Presley” (TN OR Tennessee OR Memphis) -impersonator
link:www.burgerking.com Elvis (the other King) “hound dog” -wannabe

You can add your search strings as comments or email them to me.

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