Friday, May 18, 2007

How much is too much

Queries are the combination of words and operators that we enter into search box of search engines and directories to show it what our intention from the search is. In order to maximize your search you should use a minimum of six to eight words in your query. They don’t all have to be related to your search; they can be exclusions as well. Try the following example in google:

Example: Resume Lawson financials ERP beans –job –submit –eoe –post

The exclusions I used (just in case it isn’t obvious) are keywords that normally would be found in sites related to job search or job postings. As I tried this a few minutes ago it brought 618 results. With at least 60 percent of them being resumes of Lawson professionals. Using more keywords will allow you to reduce the number of results to a manageable level before bringing in the power tools.

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