Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Different approach to resume searches on Yahoo

Recently Jim Stroud did an interesting study on document searches and which were the most common resume file types on the net; so I won’t go into a deep study on how to do document searches but as a brief summary. File extensions are extremely important, especially within the internet. File extensions instruct browsers, and other applications as to how to maneuver, or use a file. Common extensions Picture1include .doc for Microsoft Word documents, .pdf for Adobe Acrobat PDF, and .xls for Microsoft Excel.

You can search specifically for extensions or file types by using the search command “filetype”


resume "software engineer" "Nortel Networks” filetype:doc

But like I said, my intent was not to go deeply into filetype searches. I want to share a neat command I found for yahoo. This yahoo command is “feature:” This command when used with the keyword “acrobat” will find page links to adobe acrobat PDF files. The interesting thing about this combination is that it doesn’t necessarily return PDF files. Try this search string in yahoo.

resume "software engineer" oracle SQL feature:acrobat

This returned quite a few resumes. Usually when you use a filetype search you may need to use exclusions to clean out unwanted results. This search string returned resumes of Software Engineer with Oralce SQL experience, very limited miscellaneous results, … Isn't it cool!!!

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