Sunday, May 20, 2007

Beating the averages

Most smart recruiters have a hidden weakness and that is that we’re absolute suckers for anything that sounds clever. That is why there is so many of us paying so much money to learn about different internet search techniques like x-rays, flips and others that frankly have been around for many years. Even though they can be an essential part of any sourcing job the truth is that this same tools we are paying so dearly for were introduced for free, yes! gratis! by the search engines.

If recruiters spent more time in the search engine tutorials they would have all the tools to do advanced internet research. If you haven't mastered these techniques you may be missing out soon. The next level of internet search is coming and we can't get there without the right tools.

Let me explain, for us as sourcer or recruiters the internet shouldn't be about finding resumes but about finding people. There are so many tools to help us find just the people we need. But first there is the matter of the size of the internet. There are approximately 500,000 search engines both general search and vertical search engines. How can we use all those tools to you capture all the data?

Which brings us to the next point; the information in the internet is divided into two main parts, the open or surface internet and what is been dubbed the deep or invisible web. The invisible web is considered at least 500 larger than the surface web and most of that data is found through dynamic database resports out of which approximately 95% of the content is availbable free of charge.

Back to my original thought, how can we access the information databases have in the hidden web if we don't master the simple search techniques that draw out the information? Since search engine come in so many different flavors and all use the same tools so differently it is the perfect learning ground to prepare us for the resourcefulness it takes to conquer the invisible web.

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