Tuesday, May 15, 2007

10 things you better not say in an interview.

Tonight in talking to some great recruiters over dinner, the conversation drifted to the bad things that happened in interviews and then it hit me. We all have stories to tell about things that candidates said or did in interviews that were unbelievable. Wouldn’t be fun to put together a list of things not to say in an interview based on real life incidents we all have heard.

Would you send me your unbelievable interview faux pas’ to compile them into things you better not say in an interview? I’m hoping the list would grow beyond ten.


Anonymous said...

- Don't rant about your current and previous employers. If you do, you are telling the Recruiter that you are mostly likely to find something wrong abou thteir organosatio and eventually move.

- Don't say you hate working long hours when their is increase of work load, but be polite enough to to explain how you are an excellent time management person.

- No matter what questions are asked, it all comes down to one point "Why should we hire you?" So all you responses must also directly answer the above point.

BlockIslandJobs.com said...

Don't answer a question with "I'm a quick learner." Instead, use examples of situations where you had to "think quick on your feet."