Thursday, April 26, 2007

Strategic Sourcing

Imagination....I was just imagining a beach with perfect waves breaking to the beat of “California girls” as sung by the Beach Boys. Just relaxing right outside my bungalow in a hammock... sumptuous breakfast… while making a call and making the highest commissioned placement, all before noon still in time to enjoy the sun and bathing beauties…

It is great to imagine! isn’t it? Well imagine turning the staffing industry on its head. The marketplace is on the move again and our chance to strut our stuff is coming. The spotlight is about to be placed on sourcers/researchers. As we look back over the years, sourcing as a profession has come a long way but we are still facing some great challenges. If we think finding skilled professionals is tough now; just wait, it is about to get tougher. It is like the haystack is getting bigger and the needle is getting smaller. You know what I mean; more and more companies are going global to meet their staffing needs and the pool of qualified professionals is dwindling.

If the ability to find candidates is not your number one difficulty, it soon will be. Now is the time to get our processes down pad. Any sourcing infrastructure or competency issues, or any standardization of processes, or any resistance to sourcing processes, need to be resolved or we will be sifted out by our inability to perform.

But it isn’t all that gloomy, change brings about opportunity. This is our chance as sourcers/researchers to get smarter about our searches. I believe the key factor to success for researchers/sourcers in the near future is specialization. Carving out a network in a very niche area, the better we entrench ourselves in our area of expertise the better off we’ll be.

We need to device an ability to integrate all our skills into a highly focused offensive. We need more emphasis on strategic sourcing management. We can start by developing tighter processes for research; where not only do we mine data for prospective candidates but we also use that same data to profile the industry movements and build competitive intelligence databases. Also, we need to increase visibility, develop strategies to deploy strategic sourcing competence and strategies to derive optimal resource allocations.

Take a look at your industry segment, your challenge is to get to know your prospective candidates better than anyone else. Understand the factors that drive their decisions. Understand their fears and desires. Understand their true emotional needs. Once you have this understanding, you can use it to redefine your search process—to create a strategic approach that delivers.

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