Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Sourcing Crystal Ball

Carolyn Brocherie, Sr. Researcher for Forza International was telling me of the skills crisis in Australia. “Australia has a critical shortage of engineers (all disciplines), doctors and nurses, lawyers, quality IT personnel who have people skills as well as technical; marketing executives; tradespeople, oil and gas, and lots more.” She said.

“The skills crisis in Australia is reaching the critical stage, with employers resorting to desperate tactics to keep people like me away from their staff... The gatekeepers and PA's are very vigilant in their defence of employees’ names and one has to be increasingly inventive to get past them; companies are taking employees’ names off their web sites; even small companies are putting retention policies actively in place; some staff are discouraged from handing out their business cards ….”

She provided me with an interesting quote from the April edition of Australias' “Human Resources” magazine. “Australia is one of the top five countries in the world having the most difficulty with skills shortages and filling vacant positions, a global survey has found. Globally, 41 per cent of employers worldwide are finding it difficult to fill jobs, compared to 61 percent of companies in Australia. Other countries having difficulties include Costa Rica (93 per cent), Mexico( 82 per cent), New Zealand (62 per cent) and Japan (61 per cent.)"

I believe this is a taste of what the recruitment future has in store for the rest of us. Dr. John Sullivan, in his article titled “Are You already falling behind the very best” stated: “the downturn in the economy is over and the "war for talent" is returning” He also states that “Efficiency isn't enough. Quantum changes in the way you act are required in order to obtain innovation and quantum improvement in your results.” I know Dr. Sullivan is a respected author with lots of experience in the industry and I hold him in high esteem and even though I agree with that particular view I don’t quite agree with his predictions of the future innovations of sourcing and recruitment. Don't get me wrong some of his ideas are very good and I agree that we need to innovate or get out of the game but as far as his lists of upcoming innovations seems more like an extensive wishlist of the direction he'd like to see. Either that or I got my “Crystal Ball” at Walmart.

Thanks Carolyn for your comments and good luck on your headhunting in Australia.

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