Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Soucer of the future

My current dilemma is that we are getting bombarded with difficult positions to source. The team is finding quite a few qualified folks but it seems like there is something further changing in the market. Candidates are more and more reluctant to answer voicemail messages or even emails. (Is anyone else experiencing that?)

So how do we adapt our sourcing practices to this changing tide, how do we shorten the sourcing cycle while driving a competitive advantage? Let me first say that my definition of sourcing includes the managing of any and all activities that generate prospective candidates. I say prospect because until anyone passes some type of screening they are only prospects. So what do we do to drive optimal sourcing allocations to yield that gain?

Yes, we need to standardize sourcing procedures and enforce standards, yes we need to apply automation and analytics we need to improve sourcer/recruiter collaboration and improve sourcing allocations; they are all integral parts of success; but, and here is the kicker, my belief is that as sourcers/researcher/cyber sleuths, or which ever way we chose to call ourselves, we need to be ambassadors on a mission. We need to “represent”, there should be much more marketing then research in sourcing,

It has been my experience that the most extensive a network a recruiter possessed the better he was. I believe that this is still true, but the network building is changing hands, the baton is passing to the sourcer while the recruiter role is fast becoming more and more that of maintenance. What this means is that as sourcers we need to begin thinking more of our networking function. The sourcer of the future will be not just a researcher but a master networker.


Shally said...

My experience has taught me that if they aren't responding I just need to change my message.

Tim said...

You did not mention you were starting a blog! Hope all is well in Irving.