Thursday, April 26, 2007

"The Recuiting Animal" needs a hug!

I’ve been reading The recruiting Animal’s blog entries on Gen Y. The slamming that he is giving Y’ers is whipping around in my head and I just have to say something. The lashings throughout the posting stem from accusations that Gen Y is comparable to the Hippie Generation. It is, I think, very hard to deny that there are some valid points lurking there somewhere but it seems to get lost in accusations and criticisms.

Do we really need to yell “its huggie time!” before we get along. It seems to me that someone is missing the point. Maybe it’s “Animal” that needs a hug!

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Recruiting said...

You know what? I didn't say anything bad about Gen Y except that they shouldn't fall for the propaganda that is currently being circulated about them -- just as it was about young people in the 1960s. I mean the glorification.

In the 60s hippies and new leftists were the greatest generation. In the 90s their parents (previously despised) became the greatest generation. Now it's Gen Y. It's a publicity stunt.

As for Gen Y being a bunch of sissies, I didn't say that; I just reported on the discussion. Although I did cover a report earlier that Gen Y males were short on testosterone.

You can find it here

Regards, The Recruiting Animal