Monday, April 23, 2007

Key issue – gap between skills and demand

Today I was thinking of the challenges that we are encountering as sourcers. It seems like our job is getting more and more challenging. There is a growing need for specialized skills and a shortage of candidates. But I’m not saying anything new. The problem is that we have more innovative tools now than we ever dreamed of (Especially when I still remember the days of using index cards and rolodexes), yet still, here we are. Tools like zoominfo, infogist, eclipse and many more and we still can’t find enough engineers in certain sectors.

As sourcers we are in a bind. We can’t affect attrition nor can we address the deficiencies of skills even if we were to promote skills development in specific industries. As the market tightens we have to adapt.

Here is what I’ve tried; I’ve divided the recruiting challenges into “technical priorities”. The technical priorities were then divided into bucket segments for recruitment, and finally cascaded them into “core competencies” in different broad technical disciplines so that each sourcer can focus on developing pipelines in niche segments. These buckets included engineering, IT, Networking etc…

What I’m working on now is what I see as next step which is to accelerate the sourcing cycles, but we’ll leave that for another talk.

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