Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Amybeth's excellent outline

Amybeth hale posted and excellent outline on the establishing of a research team. She eloquenty outlined what I call developing "core competencies” in different broad technical disciplines so that each sourcer can focus on developing pipelines in niche segments.

The one thing I would add is that she stated: "Having researchers who specialize, in my opinion, is as important as having a recruiter who specializes." I feel it is even more important for a researcher/sourcer specialize because the researcher builds and drives the pipeline. Also junior researcher can start as a jack of all trades, and this needs to be so as part of their learning exprience, but as they progress it is inevitable to develop a niche.

In addition, this may be already in place with her team especially with her being the visionary that she is, but I would expand the idea of the research lead which in my mind it needs to be someone able that monitors the direction that the industry is heading to direct work flow but also to direct knowledgebase. It is important to continue to develop/expand the researchers skills to include the upcoming trends. Only then can we shorten the sourcing cycle otherwise we will always be in reactive mode.

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